Culture and Tourism in Civilization V

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A new Civilization V : Brave New World expansion trailer, which can be seen below, has been released by 2K Games, and this explains how one can now conquer the world by trade or culture. A Brave New World will also include other new features such as 8 new wonders of the world, and international trade routes, which can be found in an article detailing its release here.

Civilization V ushers in a new cultural experience, and the challenging expansion adds new ways for you to artfully dominate empires to gain the upper hand and achieve victory. With this expansion new great people including artists, writers and musicians can now create great works such as the Mona Lisa or Beethoven’s Fifth symphony. These can be installed in culture buildings or wonders of the world to help spread your empires influence, which in turn generates tourism to further increase influence.

The expansion also brings the discovery of archaeology to the game. You can now send archaeologists to work on antiquity sites, these locations form from earlier events in the game, and once uncovered yield artefacts with generate culture and tourism.When your empire has a cumulative amount of influence which surpasses the total culture of every other civilization you will win the cultural victory and enter a Brave New World.

Brave New World will launch in North America on July 9th and internationally on July 12th.

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