BEYBLADE: Evolution Spins Out Some New Screenshots

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After being announced for the Nintendo 3DS, there wasn’t much else heard or seen about BEYBLADE: Evolution, until now. Hoping to give players a little more about the newest BEYBLADE game, Rising Star Games has just released a whole slew of screenshots, so many it may get players’ heads spinning. Showing off everything from characters, to battles, to parts, to a shot of the map, the screenshots provide plenty of information for those interested in perusing through all of them.

Set to release sometime this Fall, BEYBLADE: Evolution will utilize the features of the 3DS to allow players to control their BAYBLADE through the motion sensors, gyros, and the AR camera. With both multiplayer battles and a Story Mode to unlock plenty of parts to improve their setup, the game looks to be packed with BEYBLADE action. Players wanting to check out the full-sized screenshots can click on any or all of the images in the gallery below.

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