Attack on Titan live-action poster we wish was real

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Mind-blowing right? (Click to enlarge)

Kouji Tajima, a Japanese concept artist with a number of film credits to his name, including the upcoming Captain Harlock film, Les Miserables and Total Recall. Not only has he done all of that great stuff but he has also created a gorgeous Attack on Titan mock-up poster for the recently announce live-action adaptation of the series.

The mock-up Attack on Titan poster which can be seen to the right, is so damn good that we wish it was real. Tajima claims that he is a huge fan of Attack on Titan and would love to get an offer to work on the upcoming live-action film. I don’t see why he shouldn’t after making a poster that incredible.

The date on Tajima’s mock-up poster is not the actual release date of the film. The film is slated for 2014, but no official date has yet to be set.

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