Yoshi’s Island 3DS Announced

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During Nintendo Direct, there were a good batch of games revealed including the localization of Bravely Default, Earthbound‘s long awaited debut on the eShop, and plenty more, but one game in particular made me feel a bit warm inside. Yoshi’s Island is finally getting an all new follow-up, and will be the first from the side series since Yoshi’s Island DS released seven years ago.

Now, I will say that there is not much news on this release. No release date, no feature information, just a trailer with a good bit of gameplay and a history lesson. As you can tell, the art style has changed to a more pronounced pastel look, with Yoshi and Baby Mario sporting 3D models. Some may hate it, but I for one love the color and charm seen in the clip, and strongly advise you to check out the trailer below. Stay tuned, as when more information drops, we will be sure to keep you covered.

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