Worlds of Magic: Kickstarter Success

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With 6 days remaining Worlds of Magic developer Wastelands Interactive has achieved success by meeting their baseline Kickstarter goal of $30,000. Since the baseline has been met, the team is pushing for further support to potentially meet the following stretch goals:


In other related news, the public voice has spoken as the 5th faction will be Draconians. Master of Magic and Master of Orion artist George Edward Purdy has lent his hand in the creation of this new faction, and the Wastelands Interactive team is happy to release such craftsmanship early on.

If the project yields $35,000 or more, a 7th faction will be introduced to the 4X strategy title. Only you can make this happen by going to their Kickstarter page and donating (here). Nonetheless, the team is extremely excited and very thankful for all of those that have supported the title thus far and allowing the game to become possible.

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