Wedding of the Dead (Dead Island Riptide Launch Ceremony)

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In order to celebrate the release Dead Island Riptide, Deep Silver created the ultimate zombie wedding ceremony. UK residents Jennifer Blackmore (nee Jones) and Rob Blackmore took their undead nuptials  in front of 250 witnesses. The ceremony took place at One Mayfair in London and was designed to look like a twisted Carribean paradise, a continual theme in Dead Island. The bride and groom, along with the priest, were also made up in traditional zombie make up.

The Blackmore’s beat a number of other couples in a Facebook competition in order to win the undead ceremony. The judges were impressed by their feelings and enthusiasm for each other and the Dead Island franchise.

The zombie bride herself said:

“We’re thrilled to have been chosen to be the official zombie bride and groom for Dead Island Riptide! We’re big fans of Dead Island and the horror genre, and a zombie wedding is a dream come true for us.”

After the ceremony itself were the usual wedding traditions: speeches, cutting the cake, the first dance…though they were all twisted in the zombie style. Music was played by zombified band Mariachi Mexteca, along with a DJ set by actress and presenter Sarah Chapman. The couple was also granted a Carribean holiday by Deep Silver, to keep the theme, and happiness going.

Congratulations to the couple on their zombie wedding and may their love be undying (see what I did there?)

You can learn more about the ceremony here and see the couple’s original application below. Don’t forget to check out Dead Island on their official site (if you’re old enough). and a our review for the game here.

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