Wargaming Announces Update 8.5 for World of Tanks

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Wargaming today announced details for Update 8.5. This latest update will  bulk up both the German and the Soviet tech trees, adding new medium and light tanks into the game, as well as bringing additions to the in game economy.

The German tech tree will see a new line of  medium tanks added to their ranks, topped by the Leopard 1, a deadly Tier X all-rounder effective in both long-range and close combat.The Soviet tech tree will also see the introduction of three new light tanks, including the T-60, T-70 and the T-80. Originally constructed during the early moments of World War II, each tank provided the Red Army with excellent battlefield presence with decent armor and deflection angles, while their small stature helped them stay concealed from enemies.

The update will also bring more changes to the in-game economy with players now being able to purchase all premium consumables with silver credits. In addition, all players, paying and non-paying, will be able to create 3-member platoons and companies. Items like large repair and first aid kits were previously available for purchase only with gold credits.

In addition, the game will also be updated with one new map-Pearl River. Three existing maps will get revamped visuals and shading effects, including Siegfried Line, South Coast and Malinovka. Lastly, the UK tech tree will be bolstered by the Sexton, a new premium SPG known for its surprisingly fast firing speed and quick reload times.

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