Uta no Prince Sama 2 Acquired by Sentai Filmworks

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Sentai Filmworks continues its rampage in licensing anime after anime by announcing Uta no Prince Sama 2, hot on the heels of the first season. The bishounen, male harem show will be distributed via select digital outlets first, followed by a proper home video release later in the year.

Titled as Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 2000% in Japan the comedy and romance series continues on from its predecessor, following the six members of Starish as new seniors are assigned to supervise them. The seniors aren’t too happy with their new roles, however.

Sentai Filmworks has added an English description for their new acquisition:

“After the amazing high note that capped the first season, would it be fair to expect Haruka and her hunky harem of beautiful boy singers to be able to top themselves?  Ah, but what if they had a little more help?  Yes, believe it or not, now there are even MORE gorgeous guys ganging up for the attention of the song-mistress who’s available for even more music making now that she’s moved into the dorms.  Only now StArish as some REAL competition, as the new golden throated warblers from the SENIOR MASTER COURSE make it their job to show the first six what it really takes to become a J-Pop star.  And what about that mysterious seventh member of StArish?  Yes, he’s back as well in his own catty fashion!  But does he plan to take Haruka to fantasyland?  Will the boys get kicked back to the street if they can’t stay in sync?  And will Haruka stay composed and keep composing when the sophomore slump hits her writing?  Find out if everyone can learn to live (and sing) in harmony as the hits keep on coming in UTA NO PRINCE SAMA 2!”

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