Nordic Games Acquires Darksiders, Red Faction

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Nordic Games has proved you don’t just find bargains on games in discount bins. THQ’s implosion has made picking up entire franchises as affordable as buying into Sydney real estate, with several titles proving to be even cheaper. Spending $4.9 million over all, Nordic Games have claimed over 10 individual franchises to add to their catalogue. 505 Games cleaned up what was on offer, rounding out THQ‘s final sales figure to $6.55 million.

If you’ve ever been a fan of Darksiders, Red Faction, MX vs ATV, Destroy all Humans!, Summoner, Marvel Super Hero Squad or Supreme Commander then you can expect Nordic Games to be giving you something new in the coming years. They’ve also acquired Titan Quest, Frontlines, Stuntman, Juiced and Full Spectrum Warrior. CEO Lars Wingefors has indicated they’re not going to rush out any titles. Rather, they’re going to take a look at the health of each franchise and individually assign sales strategies to them depending on their strengths.

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