Mars War Logs for PC Launches with Trailer

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The time has come for Spiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive’s newest game Mars War Logs to release for PC, so what better way for them to celebrate the occasion than one final trailer. Players can see Roy and some of the cast of characters he will be meeting as he has to decide the fate of the red planet itself. The trailer this time features more dialogue from the cast of characters in the game than any of the previous, which is great to finally get a better chance to hear from more of them.

Set on the titular planet, the people continue to suffer from a cataclysmic event that robbed them of vast amounts of water. Now the most precise commodity, player character Roy Temperance will be forced to choose sides as he tries to survive against opposing forces, mutants, and monsters.

Players can watch the trailer embedded below to get a nice primer and those interested can purchase Mars War Logs for PC now on Steam HERE or from the official website HERE. Though console gamers should fret as it will also be released for both XBLA and PSN apparently “soon”.

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