Guardians of Middle Earth: Kili DLC Released

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Monolith Productions has released a new character for Guradians for Middle-Earth: Kili the Dwarf. His official character bio, on the official Guardians of Middle-Earth site, states:

“While other Dwarves might rely on their stout frames to bring brute strength to battle, Kili’s strength lies in his masterful skill with a bow. Brother to Fili and one of the youngest members of Thorin Oakenshield’s company, his exceptional eyesight and stealth abilities aid him well as a scout and hunter for the group. Though unlike Elven bowmen, Kili’s arrows land with great impact, rather than striking with exceptional finesse.”

Kili is available for download on XBLA and PSN. Find out more on the official site, or read the review.

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