GameInformer Cover Reveals Batman: Arkham Origins

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Warner Bros. Games Montreal has taken the mantle of the next Batman game from Rocksteady Studios. The cover for the upcoming May issue for GameInformer has revealed that game to be Batman: Arkham Origins.

The game will likely maintain the same look and feel of past Batman games, given that Warner Bros. Games Montreal has access to the same modified Unreal Engine that Rocksteady used when developing the first two titles in the series. Arkham Origins is set to take place years before the prior games when an “unrefined” Batman is being hunted by 8 world-class assassins on Christmas Eve, of all days. Fans of the series will recognize the assassin Deathstroke on the back cover (above), who will be making his debut in an Arkham game.

Arkham Origins will be in your hands sooner than you might expect. The game is coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC on October 25, 2013. Check out the trailer below, which shows the team at WB Games Montreal explaining their vision and some of the early concept art.

For the full write-up, check out GameInformer’s page here. Stay tuned here for more news on Arkham Origins coming soon.

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