Dark Quest iOS/Android Game Released

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Dark Quest, released by Brain Seal Ltd, is a turn based RPG, set in a fantasy realm. Players take over the role of the Barbarian, set to thwart the evil wizard and restore balance to the land. The official story:

An evil sorcerer has appeared in the lands, he has built a dungeon in the nearby village of faladir, where his minions use it as a base to raid the surrounding villages to bring terror and death to all its citizens. A hero by the name Zantor dares to defy the powers of the sorcerer and seeks to destroy the dungeon and put an end to this.

The game features mazes, hidden floors and traps to avoid. Players will have to fight off orcs and other creatures using abilities acquired throughout the game. The game is played controlling a party of three characters, the Barbarian, the Wizard and the Dwarf.

Dark Quest is available in the App Store and Google Play. The game is also on Steam Greenlight, where people vote to get the game added to the Steam library.

Check out the trailer below and begin your Dark Quest.

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