CC Powerslam #19 – Wrestlemania 29, Ryback Rules and Q is Massive

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Welcome to the 19th episode of CC Powerslam, Capsule Computers Wrestling Podcast! In our nineteenth episode we have professional wrestler Massive Q guest starring on the podcast. We discuss Wrestlemania 29, Ryback’s heel turn, Massive Q”s career, WWE vs UFC and the lost art of storyline simplicity.

Cast: Luke Halliday, Philip Federico, Jahanzeb Khan, Zac Elawar and special guest Massive Q.

Music: ‘Powerslam My Heart’ – CC Powerslam Theme


Episode #19: Wrestlemania 29, Ryback Rules and Q is Massive



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Topics discussed:

– Wrestlemania 29
– Ryback’s heel turn
– Massive Q’s career
– WWE vs UFC
– The decline of Big Men in Wrestling
– Loss of storyline simplicity
– The future of Undertaker
– The Rock is crock

Special Guest – Massive Q:

massive-qMatt Sforcina otherwise known as Massive Q is a professional wrestler and writer working for AWF Wrestling and 411Mania respectively. He is a former AWF Champion and current host of his own podcast known as Cheap Heat Radio. He is known as one of Australian wrestling’s biggest monsters and all around bad guys. Massive Q is gonna eat you!

Where you can find Massive Q:
Massive Q on Twitter
Cheap Heat Radio on Facebook
Massive Q on 411Mania
Massive Q on AWF Wrestling website
AWF Wrestling on Facebook
AWF Wrestling Official Website


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