Cabals: The Card Game Expands

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Finnish game developer Kyy Games  have announced that Cabals: The Card Game Uprising expansion just added two new factions, along with 50 new captivating cards and heroes that introduce new game mechanics. Dragons and Underworld Minions have entered the world of Cabals, and these challenge the old factions with their new heroes and abilities. Cabals now packs a total of over 160 cards and is playable on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

The original Cabals: The Card Game, published in late 2011, presented an alternative history of Europe between the two World Wars and threw the player into the middle of a power struggle between four factions. The Uprising expansion introduced two new factions giving the player new strategical ways to win. In Cabals, deck construction is key to winning just like in Magic the Gathering and other traditional collectible card games. Every game you play can also now be recorded, and at the end of each battle you may choose to share the match online through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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