April Club Nintendo Rewards Treat us With Mario 64 and Super Metroid

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It’s good to be a Club Nintendo member this month, as two of the most revolutionary releases from the 90’s are available in this month’s Club Nintendo Rewards program. Super Mario 64 has been priced at 200 coins, Super Metroid sits at 150, and 3DS owners can enjoy Kirby’s Pinball Land for 150 as well. Oh yeah, Urban Champion is also available for the same price, but that may be one to think hard about before splurging on.

So yes, a decent group of freebies if you have the coins this month. As an extra heads-up, Super Metroid will eventually drop on the Wii U during their eShop opening promotion this year for $.30, so Wii U owners might want to take note before spending their precious coins.

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