Anime Girl of the Week: Levia-san (Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san)

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Into the sixth week of the Anime Girl of the Week feature and for those who don’t know, this feature focuses on one female character from a currently airing anime and place the spotlight on them by providing background information, personality details as well as a slew of fan-art and official artwork.

This week we’re focusing on a lesser known series that isn’t even a full thirty minute anime, but instead a fifteen minute one. Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san, or as it is known in English, Muromi on the Shore, first debuted in manga format back in 2009 but despite being a weekly manga, the series never gained ground in the West in any way until the anime debuted this season.

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san is a gag series that focuses heavily on slapstick humor and various fish and sea related puns and references. The stories mostly focus around the title character Muromi and her interactions with her various aquatic friends, a yeti girl and a normal human boy who loves fishing named Takurō.


The character we’re focusing on this week is one of Muromi’s friends, Levia-san. However despite going by Levia, her full name is well known since she is actually the mythical creature Leviathan. Despite appearing as a cute mermaid girl, Levia is capable of entering her “battle mode” which transforms her into a vicious sea serpent capable of breathing fire and destroying large swathes of land.

Her exact age is unknown though she could be over a million years old thanks to the events that she has had her hands in , including delivering divine retribution by fighting alongside gods to destroy a civilization that challenged them. Despite this however Levia has become much calmer thanks to her interactions with Muromi and now takes life slowly by relaxing and enjoying those close to her.

Currently Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san has not been licensed for home release in the West in any form though it is worth noting that the series is currently streaming with English subtitles on Crunchyroll under the name Muromi-san.

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