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We have a copy of God Of War Ascension Special Edition to give away courtesy of  Sony Computer Entertainment.

Pack contains the following :

  • Premium steelbook game case
  • Double XP bonus for multiplayer
  • Official game soundtrack (digital version)
  • PS3 dynamic theme and an avatar pack

“God Of War Ascension is the seventh instalment in the God of War series and a prequel to the entire series. Loosely based on Greek mythology, the game will be set in Ancient Greece with vengeance as its central motif. You control the protagonist Kratos, the former servant of the God of War, Ares. Kratos attempts to sever ties with Ares—who tricked Kratos into killing his wife and child—by defeating the three Furies.”

Check out our REVIEW of the game here.


All you have to do to win is to simply answer the following question: If you were Kratos, how would you deal with Ares after he tricked you into killing your family?” Leave your answer in the comment section below. 

A Lucky winner will be drawn at random on March 23rd, 2013. Good luck to you all!


When you enter please leave a VALID email address so we can notify you if you are the lucky winner.


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  • I would forgive him and say it was fine and that these things happen…………YEAH RIGHT. I would pull his spleen out his nose then skewer it and wear it as a necklace!

  • Casey S.

    I would punch him to death!

  • Liam Mills

    Well I would run at him and climb up him and gouge his eyes, while he was in pain from his eyes being gouged out I would cut open his stomach rip out his intestines and strangled him to death with it and when he is just about to die from being choked i would stop and slowly cut his head off so he suffers and when his head is cut off I would take his head as a prize and put his head on a mantle piece.

  • kagaminelen

    I would chop him up into pieces and eat him. YUM.

  • I would hunt Ares down and destroy him slowly to make him feel the pain he had caused me. As I dealt the final blow to him I would remind him that I, a mortal, was killing the mighty Ares for his ignorance and cruelty.

  • Guest

    If I were tricked by aries to kill my family I would first taint him with my fists or fury, which will display my rage. Next, I would take my sword and impale him, first in the gut and again in the throat, laughing as I purge the blood from his decaying corpse, this displaying my vengence. Afterwards, I would take his head and put it on a post to show the world I have deafeated the essence of war, and to show all that my family has been avenged.

  • Torture him slowly – lock him into a padded cell and play Justin Bieber music for the rest of eternity…. the pain, the torment, the cruelty…. don’t you just love it!

  • I would kick his butt right then and there!

  • If I were tricked by aries to kill my family I would first taint him with my fists of fury, which will display my rage. Next, I would take my sword and impale him, first in the gut and again in the throat, laughing as I purge the blood from his decaying corpse, this displaying my vengence. Afterwards, I would take his head and put it on a post to show the world I have deafeated the essence of war, and to show all that my family has been avenged.

  • I would strike a deal with Hades to get them back, securing Ares as his servant for all time! XD Oooo yeaaaa

    O now wouldn’t THAT be a Fun DLC. Kratos pledges loyalty to Hades for vengence on Ares

  • liljrSanchez

    I would gladly Spartan kick Ares while on top of Mt. Everest!

  • I would take him for lunch, show him agood time, then never call him back

  • I would put everyone he loves in a room and slowly peel their skin off and pour bags of salt on them till they pass out in pain or die from blood loss..The ones that survived I would put in an glass room for him to watch as rabid wolves tear them apart so he can hear their death screams..

    Once I’m done torturing them all.I would wait a bit,then cut off his hands and legs and rip out his eyes but made sure he didn’t die..That way he has to spend his life as a stump that can’t do anything cept sit there and think about the screams and pain he caused his loved ones all day.

  • If I were Kratos I would deal with Ares after he tricked me into killing my family as follows.

    From on high I would not only destroy him I would destroy all of the hoards that stood in my wake and with his own weapon I would spin style that very blade into his throat and when he utters his last words with a sadistic grin I would look into his eyes and say this exact phrase.

    “I am Kratos im the god of war! you reap what you sow and thus my Ascension begins now and thus all of Olympus will sing my name from now til the end of days all hail Kratos the true god of war! ”


  • Peter

    I would give him a punishment similar to what Zeus did to Prometheus. Nothing says revenge like making your enemy suffer eternally.

  • JC

    I would lock him up in a fluffy white padded room filled with unicorns, rainbows, rabbits, kittens, and puppies – that has to get on a God of War’s nerves, right? :).

    Thanks! 🙂

  • rockstarnati

    I would kick him in the balls for starters.

  • I would seek Pandora’s box so I could use it to kill Ares and later become the God of War. Isn’t that the whole point of being Kratos?

  • xheartlessx

    Offer to joi himinstead and formulat a plan to annihilate the world after muwahaha

  • Kovorkian

    There are fates worse than Death, Only by making Ares suffer for eternity may one truly have vengeance, as such team up with another god, to make Ares mortal until he is near death, and then return his immortality, making him walk the earth in a never dying body that is barely alive.

  • I will shove a pineapple up his butt.

  • ShunPo

    I would probably dump a bucket of water on his head, dude needs to chill out.

  • JAgamer

    I’d beat his ass.

  • Tony-Ian

    Can’t just kill the god of war, its got to be eternal suffering for Ares

  • Christian

    I would make him suffer for all eternity, to feel the pain that he has caused.

  • AmberB

    I’d give him a bad-ass smackdown

  • I would somehow set him up with Taylor Swift in hopes that after the breakup, she would write a song about him and he will have to live with that guilt for the rest of his life!!! Mwahahaha!

  • Ibrahim

    Extract the immortal soul out of the idiotic being and bury it in Hades’s pitt of hell

  • George Kot

    I would add him to PSN and message him saying “ur a faget n00b LoL i fukd ur MOM RoFL” so he could get butt-hurt over how awesome I truly am over the internet.


  • brett3964

    I would destroy everything he holds deer

  • Well, I suppose I would kill him.

  • I would take him into the 1980s and force him to play the ET video game on the Atari until the end of time.

  • Aaron Cox

    So this is what I do, open a portal to the realm of Playstation Allstars Battle Royale, recruit a few of my boys Jak, Ratchet, Cole, Raiden, Sweettooth, Dante (only if he decides not to be an arrogant prick….for once), jump back into GoW, skip to the level-select screen for immediate carnage, obtain a griffin and fly it through the wall of Ares house because why not. Then we all murder Ares repeatedly, then use Cole to revive him, and kill him over and over again for an eternity….until the sequel comes out.

  • !KEVIN MARUHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SORRY I DID THIS ON MY CELL PLEASE READ! I would have him cut his fingers of and he would mention to Aries his Father was a bu histcher and he would eat his heart out at a table with vegetables and talk to him while he is eating the heart about how he thought he was clever but truly fucking dead then u would watch him slowly torture and cut piece off with a sharp bad ass black green red knife all dark colors real medieval peel skin of then saymy knife is sharp make him a little crazy insane with blood gushing fiery eyes on kratos and super buff him explaining how his insanity is way stronger and nothing hurts he is extremely sadly insane crazy then just have him cut his head off and die or just in a cave in a cave stuck on a really damaged ruins cave
    Kinda like the cell they put him in a tiny stand up cell thers more but I’m tired Kevin maruhn evil metal raptors

    • !KEVIN MARUHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Kevin maruhn but ours gotta look super real like the commercial

  • merryl

    A little light pruning, and turn him from Ares the ram to Ares the wether.

  • I would kick the back of his shins, twist his arm, handcuff with my chains his other arm to his pants and glue using my superglue powers his finger to his nostril!!!!!!!!!

  • I would start to do the Harlem Shake to distract after that i would jump over him Gangnam Style and cut his head off with my Blades, Cuck Norris Style 😉

  • Kevin

    I would cut down everything Ares sends at me just to show how insignificant his armies are and once we were face to face, I would torture him by cutting his limbs off 1 by 1, stabbing him to a wall, and let him suffer through pain. Ares deserves no less.

  • I’d probably be all like “You know what Ares, that was a bit douchey of
    you. You didn’t have to trick me into killing all these innocent people,
    I do that all the time anyway… I’m a psychopath, after all. And
    you’re far from innocent.” Then I’d proceed to have an epic adventure,
    with all this awesome music and stuff… killing all in my path,
    yadda-yadda until I went toe to toe with Ares and was all like. “Right
    then, let’s do this you gigantic jerkface.” then I’d totally stab his
    face and/or spleen out with the very weapons he burned into my wrists. Take that mister “god” of war. You big, fire-hair freak.

  • Stevenz0r

    I would challenge him, beat him, tie him, take him to the Cliffs of Suicide, put him on the edge, charge my leg VERY strong for a kick, and BOOM kick him down to the water and he will drown as he was tied and I’d stand on the edge and look at him in the water and make an evil laugh.

  • I would destroy him with no effort…unless he was hiding in a treasure chest ’cause those things sure are hard to open.

  • volcombrandon

    i would just show him the video of Miley cyrus twerking and insta kill bye bye to Ares lol

    Thanks for the chance to win!! this game looks awesome

    Twitter: @volcombrandon


  • Mick G

    I’d get him to create a new God of War Extension where he has the role of a minion of

    Kratos who has to lick the boots of all who are good while seeking out quests to spread love, honour and truth within himself.

  • Jimenez0214

    I would bring him into the depths of the underworld and let him take a bath in the river of Styx!
    And watch him suffer a thousand deaths! Lol

    Thanks for the chance to win an awesome game!
    Twitter: Jimenez0214

  • Demigod

    Me and my brother Deimos would hunt him down and make him wish he never would have crossed us! Haha

    Twitter: @johjimenez302

  • Lanie K

    I’d open a can of whoop** on him…with all my might. Then I’d cut his hair into a mullet and send him out on the streets so everyone can laugh

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