Vividred Operation video game screens and teaser site released

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vividred-operation-screen- (1)

A couple of days ago it was revealed that Namco Bandai is working on a video game adaptation for the currently airing Vividred Operation anime but at the time details for the title were scarce. Now Dengeki PlayStation has provided not only the first screens of the game but even a preview of what fans should expect.

In their brief preview, the game is described as having “conversation” and “action” parts. The action will all take place in the sky as the player battles against opponents with flashy abilities while the conversation sequences are obviously discussions between the anime characters. It also has been said that there will be a branching story depending on the results of the player’s actions. Those who want to keep a closer eye on this video game adaptation can check out Vividred Operation’s newly released teaser site here.

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