The Conclusion to The Final Hours of Tomb Raider

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Leading up to March 5th – the worldwide release date of Tomb Raider -we’ve been treated to The Final Hours of Tomb Raider. But ‘The Beginning of the End, Part 2’ is here; the final video in the development series.

Here’s the official description of the video:

“This episode marks the bittersweet conclusion to an incredible journey. The team prepares for launch as host Zachary Levi discusses the next steps for Tomb Raider with Brian Horton, Senior Art Director, and other Crystal Dynamics senior staffers.

Working relentlessly under tight deadlines to tackle quality assurance, integrate multiplayer with sister-studio Eidos Montreal, and fine-tune the single player campaign, engrosses the entire team as they polish off the “game of their careers.””

If you haven’t already, check out (at least) Part 1 of ‘The Beginning of the End’ here. Most importantly, read our review of Tomb Raider, which just went up within the last hour.

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