Telltale aiming for 2013 release of The Walking Dead Season 2 [Updated]

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If you are chomping at the bit waiting to play the next season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead then you should relax for at least a year or so since it has just been said that fans shouldn’t expect the series until sometime later next year.

Speaking with Eurogamer at the BAFTA Game Awards, Telltale co-founder and CEO Dan Connors stated that they are “aiming for fall next year” when asked about Season Two’s release window. He did say however that fans should expect something related to The Walking Dead to be announced “fairly soon” that will be “different” from what they have already done.

Update: It looks like Eurogamer must have heard something wrong, because Telltale Games has come out and released the following statement saying:

“The current estimated release window for Season Two of The Walking Dead is for fall of ‘this’ year (2013), and not ‘next’ year (2014) as has been reported after a recent interview. We apologize for any confusion and thank you and all of our fans for your continued excitement for Telltale’s series.”

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