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IndieGameStand’s latest 96 hour deal is Super Tower Rush. The game  is a competitive platformer set in a special tower that granted wishes. Unfortunately, to get your wish granted, two people must race down the tower and the winner gets their wish. Single player and split screen multiplayer is currently supported. Online multiplayer will be implimented in a future update. The game is currently in alpha status and is beign developed by a co-creater of previously featured game Pixelry and the creator of Antipodes. All buyers will receive all updates to the game for life. Those who beat the average will receive the official soundtrack and 14 wallpapers.

The game comes as a DRM free download or as a Desura redeemable key for those who pay more than $1.00 for the game. 10% of the profit will go to support Open Source Ecology. Check out the game here.

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