Salem: The Crafting Open Beta



Developers Paradox Interactive are putting their unique stamp on the MMO genre with their title Salem: The Crafting.  In order for gamers to get a taste of what their vision is, they have announced an open beta for the game.  There is a live streaming event planned for today at 1 p.m. PST welcoming the players to their world on  The games setting is the frontier times in North America as players are forced to survive the wilderness.

That is no small task however, as players must learn the skills necessary to forge their home in the untamed wilderness; you must scavenge for food and harvest resources from the land.  The game features an open sandbox world where tools and homes can be crafted and to interact with other players in the game.  That may not always be recommended as the PvP of Salem few restrictions and there is no law except community made laws.  Paradox has also added another twist to the “survival” aspect, as death is a permanent thing on the frontier.  This is just but one of the ways the developers are attempting to set their title apart from the MMORPG crowd of the day.  They have also altered the traditional structure of the MMO as well, offering a constant community with actual consequences for conflict and actions within the game world.  For those interested in participating in the beta, the game can be downloaded at


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