Revelation a UFO Simulation Heading to Kickstarter

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Gamers have probably seen the standard UFO games before, aliens come in muddle around, maybe drop a thing or two allowing humans to improve our technology. It makes for a fun concept and strategy, facing a superior force and turning their tech against them over time. The developers at UFO Studios however are interested in giving players a chance at seeing the situation from the other side with Revelation.

Revelation is set to be a UFO simulation where players take on the role of the UFO invaders that must try to silently infiltrate Earth, the first game to ever take this approach. The difficulty comes from two points, the first being that humans can improve their tech utilizing the player’s alien tech anytime they fail and the second being another alien race. Sounds like a pretty unique concept. Main features of the game include:

  • Variety of alien ships.
  • Playing as the infamous Greys.
  • Flight using electrogravitic and electrostatic behavior.
  • Centered around modern UFO and alien mythology.
  • Unique tech, from implants, to biotechnology, to weapons, to ships.
  • Evolving gameplay as humans adapt captured alien tech.
  • New flight simulation for UFO for very different aerial combat.
  • A focus on stealth within the UFO

Currently, Revelation is in the developing stages, but still needs some help funding and is hoping to hit Kickstarter March 25th. Those players that want to see more about can check out the trailer embedded below, while those that are interested in helping to fund the game can do so from its website HERE, which will also link to the Kickstarter when it’s finally up.

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