Mass Effect 3 Stats Infographic

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An infographic was released on the Mass Effect Twitter, detailing the choices of all Mass Effect players world wide. It is quite interesting to compare one’s playthroughs with the general populace, and knowing just how wrong they are.

Only 64% of players were able to see Wrex in Mass Effect 3, which majorly effects the game’s setting. Liara and Garrus are the most popular squad members, most likely because they have the most useful powers and the way the game is paced. 36% of players were able to save both the Quarians and the Geth and only 8% of players did not cure the Genophage, proving that humanity is still good.

64.5% of players were Paragon, leaving the rest to be renegade. Only 18% of players who completed the game played as femshep, which is consistant with the statistics of the last two games.

Look at the infographic below to find more details to compare your game to the rest of the world’s.


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  • The Grey Rider

    Interesting…now hurry up with the next game!

    • The Grey Rider

      Actually, scratch that:

      Make the next game at a reasonable pace with the majority of the good bits of all of them, (lots of side-missions, depth, good MP, vehicle levels, interrupts, lots of weapons, etc.) and no more shitty bits like the last five minutes of ME3.

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