Marvel Anti-Hero trailer shows off Deadpool’s “creative talent”

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In anticipation for 2013’s undoubtedly wackiest video game entry, the newest trailer for the up and coming Deadpool game has been released. For those who are unaware, the trailer, labelled as the “Marvel Anti Hero” trailer, details our protagonist as exactly that. Having taken all of Marvel’s money (spending it on heavy duty artillery and Mexican bean products no doubt), our merc with a mouth has provided his own “creative” look into his game, set for release in June this year. The trailer also shows off some beautifully rendered environments, which Deadpool then immediately proceeds to detonate, other recognisable faces from the Marvel universe, and a few interesting pieces of propaganda from those who have worked with our merc closely. While it doesn’t show off much of the story (uh… at all..), if nothing else the trailer highlights the absolute insanity that will await players will experience upon the purchase of this particular title. There’s just something whimsical about seeing a man propelling himself forwards with a rocket powered ATV. Check out the trailer for yourselves below!

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