Magical Suite Prism Nana Video Shows Off Bikinis

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Studio SHAFT, made famous by its previous works of Bakemonogatari and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, has added a 6th pilot video to its official site and with clever angles it depicts the main cast in a new light. Magical Suite Prism Nana appears to be yet another take on the magical girl genre, set during the near future in a clean and prosperous city. The story focuses on three young girls who battle monsters once they transform into elemental “Nanas” allowing them to channel the powers of fire, earth and water. Fans are expecting SHAFT’s much-loved eclectic art style and directing.

Aside from the involvement of SHAFT, Prism Nana is playing host to the voice talents of Kitamura Eri (Sayaka Miki, Araragi Karen) and the anticipated art of Kantoku. Kantoku’s art work and character designs are rapidly becoming popular and are also featured in the upcoming anime adaptation of The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat.

First announced in August 2012 and despite numerous trailers, it is still a mystery whether Magical Suite Prism Nana will be released as a TV anime, OVA or in another medium altogether. You can find the announcement trailer released last year below.

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