Lost Orbit Announced from PixelNAUTS

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The folks at independent game developer PixelNAUTS have announcd their next upcoming game at GDC. The game, titled Lost Orbit, will tell the story of an astronaut named Harrison who is trying to get home after losing his ship in deep space. Designed as a vertical platformer, the game tasks players with having to guide Harrison past planets and other heavenly body, as he faces various challenges including an alien race.

Lost Orbit will have a whole host of features such as different obstacles Harrison will face in space, like black holes and gas planets. The game will also include different gameplay modes, like campaign, challenge, and endless, as well as a total of four solar systems with unique aspects.

PixelNAUTS have said that players can expect Lost Orbit on Steam for PC in Fall 2013, with iOS and Android versions to follow later. Be sure to click on the images in the gallery below to see the full sized images released of Lost Orbit and what they can expect.

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