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Winter will not die here. It keeps coming back like a zombie. So I guess I have an excuse to stay inside and play more video games!

Steam has introduced week long deals, joining their weekend/midweek madness sales and daily deals. These don’t seem to be advertised as openly as the other deals that are easily found on the front page. This week, Tropico 4 and all of its DLCs are on sale. If you’re a huge fan of Tropico 3 or you are waiting for the SimCity servers to finally start working (yeah, I just went there!), check out Tropico 4. I highly recommend purchasing the Collector’s Bundle. For an extra $2.50, you get all the DLC. Modern Times is a must purchase for the game and is worth $4.99 on its own.

The weekend deals is Football Manager 2013, a staple management sim that puts players behind the soccer bench. It’s 50% off, definitely on the low end of the pricing spectrum as far as this game goes. Personally, I’m not a huge football fan, so I couldn’t appreciate the series enough to play for any length of time. But it is definitely a dense, information heavy game. If you plan on buying it, skip down to Greenman Gaming, as they have a cheaper offer. The Max Payne franchise is on sale this weekend for 66% off. Max Payne 3 and all of its DLCs is at some of its lowest prices yet. I would skip on buying Max Payne 1 and 2 as its gone down to 75% before. I enjoyed Max Payne 3, although I wasn’t a huge fan of the bright colours of the Brazil. Check out our review of Max Payne 3 here.

Greenman Gaming has some interesting titles on sale this weekend. They are running another 20% off coupon, make sure you use  GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS at checkout! Football Manager 2013 is also 50% off this weekend, when bundled with the 20% off coupon, its a much better deal than Steam’s offer. Tripwire Interactive’s two big shooters are both 75% off this weekend. Killing Floor is their undead slaughtering co op shooter. If you enjoy Left 4 Dead’s defensive finales and aren’t so hot on the moving from place to place parts, Killing Floor is probably for you. They’ve recently introduced Steam Workshop which definitely squeezes some extra mileage out of the game. Red Orchestra 2 is also on sale for 75%. If you’re looking for a hyper realistic shooter but find Arma II’s controls are too overwhelming, Red Orchestra 2 is an excellent choice. From Dust is also 75% off. Its an excellent atmospheric game cripped by some pretty frustrating DRM. Bulletstorm is also 60% off at Greenman Gaming this weekend. I really enjoyed the single player portion of Bulletstorm. Its extremely crass, ridiculous, and utterly fun. I wouldn’t have recommended it at full price, but is definitely worth it at 66% off.Check out all of Greenman Gaming’s weekend sales here.

Speaking of Arma, Arma III‘s alpha began this week. Bohemia Interactive is taking a page out of the Minecraft playbook and offering the alpha and beta versions of the game at a steep discount. Those who purchase during the alpha will be charged $32.99 USD and will have access to the alpha, beta, and full game. Those who buy during the beta will pay $44.99 and then the game will be $59.99 on release. Arma III is still a dense military simulator, but the controls have been simplified in comparison the Arma II, feeling a bit closer to the newer Operation Flashpoint games. If you find Battlefield 3 is still too arcade like for your tastes or you enjoyed Red Orchestra 2, I highly recommend Arma III. Right now the alpha is still very glitchy, features are still missing, and the game only ships with 4 gameply demos, but it also comes with a full scenario editor and modding functionality built in. Buy early, save yourself some dough!

Origin is running a Mass Effect anniversary sale. All three games are steeply discounted, and the the whole trilogy can be purchased for $25.00. I’ve been dragging my heels on playing Mass Effect 3, but Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 easily make my favourite games of all time list. I highly recommend the series.

Get Games is running a Strategy Sale this weekend. There are a ton of strategy games on sale, both big and small. Bigger names include Heroes of Might and Magic VI Gold Edition, RUSE, and Disciples III all for 75% off. Most of the gamers are older titles, so they can almost all be had for $7.49 or less each.

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