Fairy Tail anime to end on March 30 [Updated]

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All good things must come to an end and it seems that the end of the Fairy Tail anime is coming to a lot sooner than anyone would have thought. As first found by 0takomu, it has been announced in the latest issue of Kodansha’s TV Magazine that Fairy Tail’s anime broadcast will end on March 30th.

The scan of the announcement from the magazine can be seen above and is clickable for a very high-res version of the announcement. It is currently unknown as to why Fairy Tail’s anime is ending, especially since the series is currently in one of the longest arcs in the Fairy Tail franchise.

The Fairy Tail manga appears to be continuing without interruption, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a popular manga’s anime come to an end despite the manga itself continuing with no interruption.

Update: Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail’s mangaka, has taken to Twitter saying that he has good news, but that he will not reveal it yet and fans have to wait until the time comes for the announcement. Considering this Tweet comes immediately after news broke of the anime’s ending and is being classified as “good news,” we’ll leave it up to you to decide what this news could be.

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  • k11

    this cannot be true!!!!!!

  • Getsu

    Fuck. Just wait for the second naruto spinoff announcement.

  • Ryan H

    The anime is nearly caught up to the manga, thats why. Its nearly at chapter 300 while the manga is at 321, considering the anime covers around 2-3 chapters per episode, it would be normal to think they stopped it for the reason to wait for the manga to get more volumes out.

    • okuhle94

      I hope this is the case, that they only stopping it temporarily.

  • Sora

    Nooooo don’t end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tears*

  • Sora

    Ryan H, i really hope you’re right!

  • Kbai

    fuck this fuuck! this made me cry! !@#$%^& Hiro-sama, wateryuthinking?!?! TTT^TTT

  • benbenkr

    It’s either they “end” it or put on about 3 months of filler episodes that would suck and be pointless. It’ll also detract from the story arc as well.
    So which would you prefer?

    “ending” the anime is a good choice, it should be back when the current arc on the manga is over.

    • ThisIsJustAReplyName

      actually from the amount of manga left I think they are going to end it without finishing the Grand Magic Games

  • Danny

    Well, this sort of thing is normal. The anime is too close to the manga so they’ll stop it for a while to give the manga some extra breathing room. When the time is right they’ll air the anime again. It’ll take a few years considering the number of manga chapters released per year hovers around the 40 to 45 chapters range. It sucks to be sure but there’s still hope for the future. I mean, look what happened with Inuyasha. 😉

  • Donald Barnett

    I hope this is just a hiatus. It still feels like it just started. I’m just gonna say that the good news is that it will return eventually

  • Merp

    At least we still have the manga.

  • Fire

    Hiro-sama! Please don’t let it end! It’s the only anime I still watch! I love this show. Please don’t let it end. *tears*

  • Bacon

    Well hopefully the good news is that another company will continue to animate the series or that they will finish completely animating rave master.

  • fairytail

    Hope it’s just a joke. #Praying its an April fools day joke. :l

  • Ray

    Its not close to the manga. The next chapter finishes this arc and is 36 pages long while the fight in the next week’s episode (not this friday’s) is gonna be one hell of a fight thats around 30 chapters away from where the manga is right now. Jeez, I wanna know a goddamn reason. I would like it if it was just on hiatus cus of the shitty animators and then they came back with how it used to be, jawdropping.

  • omar

    I believe that the concept of fairy tail being on hiatus is true because there is also rumors of another anime called bleach that ended because the writer wanted to focuson the final arc of the manga

  • byashy17

    first Bleach, now Fairy Tail? T_T

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