Atelier Meruru Plus bikini screens and debut trailer released

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Today a large number of screenshots were released for Gust’s Atelier Meruru Plus. This latest set shows off how the costumes and weapons from Atelier Totori Plus will transfer over to Meruru if the game detects a save file from Totori on the Vita as well as costumes that will be available for Meruru to wear when gamers buy first run copies of Atelier Meruru Plus.

These outfits are being called “Mushroom Princess Swimsuit” and “Mini Straw Hat” both of which can be a little risque. Currently this enhanced port is set to be released in Japan on March 20th exclusively for the Vita. If these screenshots aren’t enough to interest you in the title, the company also released a trailer which you can check out below.

As far as a Western release goes, fans of the Atelier series can take note that Atelier Totori Plus has been rated in Australia (albeit with a ridiculously high R18+ rating), so Western releases for both Plus titles is highly likely at this point.

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