Toshiba “Field Test” Their Products

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The reason I’ve put that ‘Field Tests’ part in quotations is because that’s what Toshiba themselves call it. I call it umm… attempting to break your own products. The funny thing is though that it is fairly balanced in tests that pass or fail, and that includes tests like leaving a TV in a Sauna (which believe it or not still ends up working perfectly); as well as of course the one pictured above, where a laptop is taken through a car wash to test its 50mL water resistance with 150,000 mL.

Toshiba’s novel take on advertising their products features in new and interesting ways could actually make researching them a lot of fun. I mean what other Laptop do you know about that can successfully withstand a car battery jump start? Of course why you would be doing that in the first place other than for comedic value is beyond me, but hey you get the idea. For all of Toshiba’s “Field Test” videos head on over to their channel on YouTube here, but for a first test to get you interested check out the video down below.

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