Toki Tori 2 cuts the Chatter in Exchange for Charms

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Good afternoon to all of you hungry Wii U owners out there, or night if you are reading this in the middle of the AM. Here is some interesting news for your mid week concerning the up and coming Toki Tori 2. Today, Two Tribes announced on their blog that the game would feature no text, letting animation and puzzle solving tell the little story that this world has to offer due to the obvious cost issues that surround translation.

Is that a problem? Not at all, I’d say. In fact, it actually makes me want Toki Tori 2 even more as we don’t often see these types of releases exit their safe bubbles, especially on a Nintendo console. So there you have it, folks. No text in Toki Tori 2 – and that is a good thing.

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