Some of Metal Gear Rising’s DLC packs detailed

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance may have just started kicking butt this week but Platinum Games already is working on providing some additional content for the title. Today the company revealed on their official website that there will be at least a few pieces of DLC in the future.

The first piece of DLC seems to focus on VR missions where players will be controlling Raiden in a side-scrolling beat ’em up where Raiden has to use only his fists to fight as well as a mission where players take control of a Dwarf Gekko and have to knock out all the guards in the area.

Also coming soon is a “Soul Snake Wooden Sword” which is a DLC weapon that apparently has the soul of Solid Snake inside of it and it even speaks with Snake’s voice when used in combat. This weapon DLC also comes with an un-detailed VR mission set.

Finally it looks like there are going to be extra missions released where players will take control of Sam and also one taking control of Bladewolf, the awesome robotic dog sidekick.

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