Persona 4 Golden now available on the European PSN

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If you are a European PlayStation Vita owner then you will be happy to hear that you’re wait to play Persona 4 Golden is finally over. Today the game launched on the European PlayStation Network courtesy of NIS America. If the physical version of the game is more up your alley then you have a little bit longer to wait as retail copies of Persona 4 Golden aren’t hitting store shelves until later this week on February 22nd.

In case you are curious about whether or not Persona 4 Golden is worth your time then you should probably take a look at our review for the North American release of the game and gather up some money to purchase it, because it is certainly worth it.

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  • RablaAndrews

    I’ve been staring at it all day… I spent all my money on Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus and a Zero Escape Artbook. =(

  • Altair_420

    I loved this game and couldnt put it down during my 1st playthrough.
    2nd time ….. I just couldnt sit through the same LONG story and cutscenes all over again. I’ll have to let it collect dust for a few more months before i can play it again, great game anyway.

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