Perfection of Wisdom: Card Dueling Game Release for Windows PC

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The very recent introduction of South Korea’s new fantasy card dueling game, Perfection of Wisdom, has attracted the attention of online gamers from all around the world. 14Dimension announced yesterday that Perfection of Wisdom is now available for Windows PC.

PC gamers can expect to access features supporting single vs. A.I, Arcade storyline mode, multiplayer connectivity and multilingual options, including English, Korean and Japanese. Game-play consists of brief 5-15 minute battles on a 2D-grid map, using the 30 skill cards that come with a choice of one of five characters.

What makes this card dueling game unique is the inclusive Buddhist theme ‘Heart Sutra’, as expressed in the title. Perfection of Wisdom is suitable for any level of strategic players and card-gamers from beginners to expert.

Watch the Perfection-of-Wisdom game-play’ video footage below and add to the conversation; let us know in the comments section what other card dueling games you have played and your thoughts on the introduction of this particular one.

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