Old School RuneScape: 2007 Version Live!



Important news has sprung concerning the old school version of RuneScape. The community has spoken with an overwhelming amount of users wanting the 2007 version of the title brought back but on its own server. Jagex Ltd has enabled the public to vote and will determine how much attention the server will be given from the community’s voting response. Here is Jagex’s voting criteria:


Currently over 400,000 votes have been compiled nearing close to the 500,000 requirement. Voting will continue to be open until 00:00 GMT on March 1, 2013. Hopefully the community can raise enough votes (750,000) to have the 2007 version as an additional free-to-play server which will receive weekly maintenance and consistent polls for new content.

Need to cast your vote? Look no further –> HERE <–

Note: All players that cast a vote get to play the “Old School RuneScape” free until March 31, 2013 – regardless of the voting results. Check out the video below for the behind-the-scenes details!

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