New Luigi’s Mansion 2 Mechanics Announced

Nintendo News Adventure 3DS

Nintendo has gone into some new depth about what mechanics we can expect to see from Luigi’s Mansion 2 as a part of the ‘Year of Luigi’ initiative. The game will show case a massive extension of capabilities from the first title.

The 3DS exclusive will feature two torch modes, the usual light that can be used to deter ghosts and a dark mode that works as a black light. The Poltergust makes a return with an extended capacity to interact with the world around you. It can pick up objects, be used in more complicated ways in battle. Stunning ghosts and reeling them in like fish will add new complexity to Luigi’s Mansion.

It will also have an expanded use in puzzle solving such as filling balloons to float to safety. Capturing ghosts won’t be as easy as before, they can block lights with objects such as shovels and sunglasses. The ghosts can also posses objects to attack and haunt you with. A new character, a ghost dog with a love of gold, has been introduced to the franchise.

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