Jurassic Park 3D Get New Poster

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Jurassic-Park-t-rex-mirror-posterThis T-Rex is getting a little too close for comfort!

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park 3D now has a new poster online, thanks to Cine1. Fully remastered, the classic blockbuster returns to cinemas on April 5, this time in glorious 3D. The poster is very reminiscent of the classic T-Rex chase scene, but if you look closely you may notice the dinosaur’s mouth is popping out of the screen a little….just like it will in cinemas!

If that isn’t enough dinosaur fun for you, keep in mind Jurassic Park 4 will also hit cinemas on June 14, 2014. Until then look forward for Jurassic Park 3D to hit cinemas on April 5!

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