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Indie Gala released a new bundle to coincide with a new, more subtle website look. Indie Gala Colossus contains eight games, two music albums, and two prototypes from Introversion software. All buyers will receive DRM free downloads of the two Introversion prototypes and tactical action game 7.62mm. Additionally, all buyers will receive a Desura key for Talisman Prologue and a Steam key for Darwinia. Those who beat the average will receive Multiwinia, DEFCON, Uplink, Heart of Iron 3, DemiGod, and three unannounced bonuses. All game keys given to those who beat the average are for Steam.

Indie Gala is in support of Gala Project X, a fund that will help an indie developer fund the development of their video game, and AbleGamers, a British charity that helps disabled gamers play video games. Buy your Indie Gala Colossus Bundle here.

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