Get Your Own Gaming Summary With Raptr

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Raptr, notorious Twitter spamming service, will be allowing players to download and create their own gaming summaries of the year that has just passed. These summaries are based on the players personal gaming experiences that year, so it will allow players to show off their achievements, which games they’ve played and other kinds of statistics that the service follows.

Generating your summary is as easy as following these steps:

If you are a registered Raptr member, you can check out your Raptr summary by inserting your Raptr username in the username portion of the URL:

If you are a brand new Raptr user, create an account and begin developing your own gamer profile at the following URL:

Raptr are also apt to generate more Twitter spam by creating a competition based on these stats. By Tweeting your gaming summary with #RaptrRep you will place yourself in the running for $400 worth of prizes. So make sure to get those summaries going.


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