Etrian Odyssey IV gets European Release

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UPDATE: The release window has now been moved to this Summer in Europe.

Nintendo confirmed during their European Nintendo Direct conference that the Etrian Odyssey franchise would once again return to Europe for the first time since the release of the first Etrian Odyssey game.

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan has been confirmed for release in Spring 2013 in the European region despite the fact that II and III never saw the light of day in the region. The good news however is that Etrian Odyssey IV will see light for European 3DS owners.

What do you think of Etrian Odyssey IV coming to Europe? Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this monumental release revelation.

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  • Gwyndion

    Woot, I’m so glad to hear that, was worried I’d not be able to play the series anymore due to the regionlock and the absence of the EU release date. It might be a niche game but damn do I love it, a challenging game that has a good playduration, not like this games that you clear fully in 25 hours by facerolling

    • Zac Elawar

      The release window has changed to Summer in Europe now.

  • Onkei

    THIS would be the only reason for me to buy a 3DS 😀
    I really hope they will release it in EU !!!

    • Zac Elawar

      That’s what the article is about…an EU release date. lol. It will now be out in Summer in Europe, however.

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