Digimon Masters Adds Two Additional Digimon



Fans of the Digimon series and players of the Joymax MMORPG, Digimon Masters, will be happy to know that the developers have added an additional two Digimon to the roster of collectable monsters in the game. The first of these additions is the Digimon Arkadimon. The Digimon is described to being a threat to Mega level Digimon despite being at the Fresh stage. As it Digivolves, it gains additional claws, making it quite formidable. The second of these Digimon is Black Saint Galgomon. This can be obtained by using a special digivolution item called ‘Black Saing Wing’ which will be made available on the 5th of February.

Overall it looks like an amazing update from the team. For more news, be sure to check out the Facebook page.

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