Dead Island Reaches Sales Milestone

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So we know that Dead Island sold well enough to warrant a sequel, seeing as that will be coming out April.  But just how many copies of the first game have been sold since its original release back in September 2011?  Well, according to publisher Deep Silver the game has just passed 5 million copies sold, including retail and digital versions of the game.  Seeing as those sales cross 17 months, that is a pretty solid worldwide sales rate.

Deep Silver, and its parent company Koch Media, are fairly impressed with their numbers and are hopeful that it will translate to good sales for Dead Island Riptide when it releases.  But not to be thought of as a one-trick pony Koch Media’s International Commercial Director Menno van der Bil has stated that, “Further new IPs with an innovative angle and maybe even a surprising touch can be expected from Deep Silver.”  Plus with their acquisition of Saint’s Row and Metro, they now have already established IPs to be part their “overall IP strategy”.

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