DDR Classroom Edition Comes to Fresno

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DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition was announced and released as a means for schools to encourage their students to have healthy activity through the means of the game.  The game itself was helped funded by The California Endowment for their Building Healthy Communities plan and now the game has been integrated into all eight middle schools of the Fresno Unified School District.

Hoping to set the trend for the rest of the state of California, the Fresno middle schools students will utilize DDR Classroom Edition, which tracks steps, body mass index (BMI), and caloric burn rate.  What makes this somewhat different than your standard DDR game is that instead of limiting the game to a maximum of 4 pads for players to use, DDR Classroom Edition allows up to 48 wireless pads to track each student’s progress separately.

It’s great to see games being shown in a positive light to help school kids to get more active and hopefully to live healthier lives, as one of the main targets for improvement DDR Classroom Edition hopes to help is childhood obesity.  Time will tell if DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition is everything they want it to be, so here’s to all those kids in the Fresno middle schools.  Get up and get down.

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