Crysis 3 Launches in Australia

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The third game in the Crysis series has launched in Australia today. Players will once again have a chance to step into Nanosuit as Prophet and explore the rain forest of what used to be New York City. The city is now under a Nanodome that has caused the explosive growth in plant life and is now separated into seven unique districts referred to as the 7 Wonders. Players will have access to the new signature Predator Bow as they stalk their enemies through the ruins of New York City.

Crysis 3 also features a full fledged multiplayer mode. Multiplayer features 12 maps, eight game play modes. New to the game is the Hunter mode that will pit two players against ten on the consoles or two against 14 on the PC in a deadly cat and mouse game where the hunter quickly becomes the hunted.

Crysis 3 is available now on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Find out more at the official site here.

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