THQ IPs to be put up for Auction on the 22nd of January

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According to a recent tweet by Distressed Debt Investing, THQ’s intellectual properties will be auctioned off “title by title”.

“Parties have come to agreement: THQI auction now on Jan 22nd. The auction will allow for piecemeal (“title by title”) sales of THQ assets”

The company with the most interest in buying these IPs is EA, who is well known for buying up intellectual properties and turning out games under that name. With much loved game IPs like Saints Row up for sale, many people are wondering if EA could keep up the quality. If EA does buy and develop these IPs, will they hire the same teams or at least some of the same developers to make sure the games keep up what made them loved or will they just use their own people to make their own version of the games?

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