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Capcom will be releasing the latest Resident Evil (Or Biohazard) game on the PC on the 21st of March, 2013 here in Australia and New Zealand. What makes this release interesting is that the Capcom team are announcing an exclusive Mercenaries mode that “ramps up the gameplay to 11. More enemies on screen than ever before will provide a greater challenge, but also the opportunity for players to use their skills to rack up even higher combo scores. ” This game mode will be called The Mercenaries: No Mercy. What’s also interesting is that Capcom will be releasing a new Benchmarking tool to make sure your PC can handle the most graphically capable Resident Evil game so far.

For console owners, you can look forward to a new gametype called Siege. In siege, one team of zombies must hunt and kill an AI BSAA agent while another team of humans must find and rescue this same agent. The previous three expansion packs will also be available for download on the Playstation 3 console in February. PC Owners will get access to the additional content some time after March.

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