Kingston Celebrate 10 Years Of HyperX At CES

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This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Kingston will be celebrating 10 years of their HyperX brand RAM. They are doing this by showcasing their latest 10th anniversary memory sticks at the event. These pieces of memory go by the name HyperX 10th Anniversary Edition Memory. Kingston will also be hosting a Starcraft II tournament at the event in celebration of its tenth year in memory.

The new memory will be clocked at 240Mhz and will range in capacity from the entry level 8GB to the high-end 32GB variant. The design is slimmer and offers enhanced heat control, making this a superior breed of memory.

Starcraft II players participating in the tournament will be in the running to win $15,000 USD. This tournament will see the top 6 players in the competition going head-to-head for a shot at the cash.

For more information on the HyperX RAM, visit the HyperX website. For more information on the tournament, visit this page.

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