Indie Spotlight – Hartacon Tactics

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Hitting the spotlight this week for independent games is an upcoming title called Hartacon Tactics. This title has been the sole creation of developer code named Charlie Fleed. The title is explained to be an online multiplayer strategy RPG where players fight in a turn-based battle system. With this being the basis for Charlie’s game, it would be hard not to be intrigued. However, Charlie Fleed is in need of a graphic artist(s) to assist him in the creation of sprites to fit within the game’s RPG atmosphere.

Created with XNA 4, Hartacon Tactics will be solely released on the Xbox Live platform in the independent games section. Fleed has noted in his gameplay preview that he would be inclined to release a PC version of the title considering the popularity its receives on the Xbox Live marketplace.

Take a look at the gameplay preview below and stop by the Hartacon Tactics Indiegogo Page where he is asking for donations to help pay for the graphic artist.

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